Peak Dental Health worked with the Eco Dentistry Association through a rigorous process to gain Gold Certification as a Green Dental Practice. We are the only practice in Maine to achieve this distinction and only the ninth in the nation. Because of our hard work and continued attention to this part of our practice Peak Dental Health uses 10% the water of an average dental practice, 50% of the electricity, and produces only 25% of the waste. Some of the technologies and systems we have in place to achieve this are:

  • Steam sterilization techniques with cloth based pouches instead of plastic
  • Solutions to minimize paper-plastic barriers while achieving excellent infection control
  • Environmentally sound surface disinfectants without glutaraldehyde
  • Green cleaning products
  • Recycled content flooring and cabinetry with no VOCs
  • Recycling and composting programs
  • Recycled content office supplies
  • Digital communications with patients whenever possible
  • Digital patient records
  • Digital Imaging technology
  • Minimal use of disposable dental equipment
  • CAD/CAM technology to produce dental work on premises and not ship around the world
  • Amalgam separator technology to keep mercury out of local wastewater treatment facilities
  • Dry vacuum system, saving 350-500 gal of water daily
  • Energy efficient appliances and dental equipment
  • Water efficient equipment and plumbing fixtures
  • Use of waterless hand sanitizer
  • Purchase of renewable energy credits
  • Utilization of natural lighting

In addition, patients receive a $10 discount when they walk, ride a bike or take public transportation to their appointment. We are on bus route 6 near the Falmouth Crossing stop.

We are constantly trying to improve our sustainability and help to shift the field of dentistry in this direction. If you have any suggestions how we might be doing better please share them with us at

For more on Green Dentistry Download this study from the University of Waterloo

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